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Patricia Ramirez

I'm a dreamer at heart. That is why every one of the weddings I plan has a fantasy element that is elevated with the beauty of Cartagena. For the past 10 years I have delivered unique experiences for couples from all over the world that dream of the perfect wedding. With a talented team of experts, Patricia will give you honest advise, without pushing you to do anything that you are not comfortable with. Especially taking into consideration the complexity of destination weddings. She is here to help you bring your dreams to life. 



We work with local Cartagena suppliers that adapt to the type of experience you need. Forget about the stress of having to plan your wedding with the uncertainty of whether or not your experience is going to be the one you desire. We make every wedding unique and custom, making sure we work with your budget. 

My Inspiration

My family! Everything I do in this life is for my kids. They are the motivation to make everything I do the absolute best. The love I have at home is reflected in the love I have for planning the events of you and your family. 

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